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February 17, 2018

President Trump prioritizes Christian Syrian refugees

Donald Trump’s prioritizing of Christian Syrian refugees over Muslim Syrian refugees has some people flustered and confused. But what he has done is both the highest moral good and what is best for America at the same time. This is in keeping with his America First campaign promise (to do what is best for view

Donald Trump

Why I am unimpressed with the Women’s March

Having watched portions of the Women’s March on television and Internet, I remain unmoved by it. The leaders were vile and vulgar. Ashley Judd and Madonna particularly disgraced themselves. “Hanoi Jane” Fonda is never a welcomed sight and yet she was on the screen. All three women had their own scurrilous comments about President Trump.

Donald Trump

Protests Vindicate Trump

Smashing a police car, climbing traffic lights, waving Mexican flags, and bloodying a Trump supporter. Protesters in California simply vindicated everything that Donald Trump and Ann Coulter have been saying about the illegal immigration problem. There was violence, lawlessness, and intimidation where these protesters went. Seventeen people view full post »

Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump a Conservative?

“Donald Trump is not a conservative!” That was probably the most prominent accusation that drew me to a meager defense of Donald Trump. It seemed so obvious that it was a false accusation which could be easily refuted. After all, the things he spoke about – illegal view full post »

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Donald Trump

Primary Problems

Millions more Americans than ever before are paying attention to the Republican primary this election cycle. Because of the scrutiny, flaws in the system are coming to light. Actually, they are only flaws according to voters not according to the party apparatus. To them, they are simply The System. Even though I have followed politics

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Movie Reviews

Risen is Worthwhile

Going into the movie, Risen, I knew nothing about it other than having seen the trailer on the Internet. The trailer was unimpressive to me so the movie was a very pleasant surprise. Without giving away too much, let me say that it is not your typical remake of the Jesus story. It is a

Christian Citizen

Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis has brought to light the difficult question concerning how Christians live as both citizens of the Kingdom of God and citizens of the United States of America. The way the issue is presented it seems that a series of false dichotomies has been constructed in an attempt to force an either/or


Muhammad’s Islam is the Problem

ISIS stands well in the tradition of Islam as it was conceived of and instituted by Muhammad then carried on by his successors. It was a violent, militaristic, oppressive, intolerant, and murderous religion from the beginning. In the name of Islam, Muhammad committed a plethora of atrocities. He murdered caravan traders from his own hometown;


Ashley Madison Hacked

Some people had their eyes opened when the Ashley Madison files were released this week. The adultery site made some news when it came online a few years back. A few months ago it was in the news when it was hacked but it was not a household name. Some of my female Facebook friends

Christian Citizen

The Christian Citizen

One of the complaints leveled at those of us who dare to address social issues and still identify as Christians involves the distinction of the church from the state. The typical expression of this thought is twofold. The first is that the church depends too much on the state and government structure for its success.

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