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February 17, 2018

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Meet

AccHeadShot03ording to Megyn Kelly’s comments on her show last night, she initiated a meeting with Donald Trump in order to “clear the air” between them. She hoped it would lead to an interview in the future. For his part, on Hannity tonight, Trump said it was a “very nice” meeting. He seemed content that things had gone well but offered no real insight into the discussion.

Megyn Kelly Comes Around

This comes at a time that is fortuitous for the Trump campaign. As much as Trump is chided for “whining” about things, the old proverb says,”The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” In this case it seems that Trump has brought Kelly around to some degree. Kelly asked for the meeting; the meeting was graciously accepted by Trump; and it was held at Trump Tower at his request. All of these are grounds that a good negotiator would want. It seems that Trump is in the strongest position here, if we are allowed to read between the lines. Kelly has certainly lost some audience since her feud with Trump started. She’s also not had the one-on-one interviews that have been granted to colleagues like Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Bill O’Reilly or even phone interviews as with other Fox News hosts. Whether the motivation for the meeting was career oriented or simply two adults trying to patch things up, it looks good for Trump and it doesn’t hurt Kelly’s image either.

Good Optics

With this meeting Trump gets good words from Kelly, “he was gracious enough to agree to it”, and the optics look good for him. It seems that he has won the struggle to this point. It shows his kinder side in that he can take a public feud such as this and seemingly bury it. It shows him patching things up with a very strong and public woman, which can only help his image with women. Plus this comes on the heels of the CNN interview with his family which also is considered to have shown him in a positive light to women regarding how he has raised his daughters. Additionally, last night the word has leaked that there will be no prosecution of Corey Lewandowski for his incidental contact with ex-Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields. That is simply as it should be since Fields was clearly lying about the encounter and has been shown to be a serial liar with these types of complaints. That deflates another false charge that Trump is somehow mistreating women through his surrogates. Greta Van Susteren was very clear all along that no charges could or should be brought. She tweeted: CaptureAny fair-minded person could see this but those driven by emotion and politics were not being fair-minded. In fact, it is the fact that people are generally fair-minded that has them upset over the Colorado delegate manipulation. That issue has already played nicely into Trump’s hands. While he continues to talk about it he is not really whining about it. He realizes that other states also manipulated things to take away his advantage. Florida changed to a winner-take-all state with the expectation that “Jeb!” or Marco Rubio would win it and, thus, deprive Trump of any delegates. However, Trump acknowledges that it worked in his favor that time. The fact that there was a vote and the delegates were awarded accordingly kept the Florida primary from being an issue. The fact that Colorado did not have a vote is what has people upset about that situation. It also gives him grounds to point out other odd delegate situations, such as those in Pennsylvania where he is way ahead, and it gives him a chance to insist that he will reform the party system so that it reflects the will of the voters. It is a winning issue for Trump and he keeps stoking those fires of discontent.

After a hard couple of weeks, Trump seems to have turned things around (with the backhanded help of the Colorado GOP). He’s gaining momentum even in New York where he was already strong. He is headed into what should be a 6 or 7 state string of victories and he’s heard today that if he can get to 1,100 votes it should be easy for him to pick up the rest to make the 1,237 number he needs to win. The squeaky wheel seems to be getting the grease.

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