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February 17, 2018

Protests Vindicate Trump

HeadShot03Smashing a police car, climbing traffic lights, waving Mexican flags, and bloodying a Trump supporter. Protesters in California simply vindicated everything that Donald Trump and Ann Coulter have been saying about the illegal immigration problem. There was violence, lawlessness, and intimidation where these protesters went. Seventeen people were arrested from the crowd of about two-hundred.

If it were not enough that pro-Mexico protesters seeking the reconquest of the Southwestern U.S. were inflicting property damage outside, inside the rally in Costa Mesa Mr. Trump had victims of illegal immigrants displaying banners about their loved ones and telling their stories. The heart-wrenching images and tales of police officers, women, and young men murdered was moving. It is the criminal aspect of illegal immigration that most strongly strums the heartstrings of Americans. Too many have seen the murders of innocent people on the TV news. They have heard of rape, torture, and sodomy cases. They have seen the stories of drunk and uninsured drivers causing property damage, injury, and death. Of course, there is always the gang crime and the drugs that are associated with it that also make the news. These are the real life experiences of Americans living around illegal immigrants.

Trump Dupes

The “magic” of Donald Trump is not what some people want to believe it is. My hardcore anti-Trump or Cruz-loving friends will say that Trump is popular because he’s an entertainer. They’ll postulate that it is some form of “idol worship” that causes people to follow him. In all of my dealings with people and in social media NEVER ONCE have I heard a Trump supporter say anything that remotely supports such a thesis. Trump supporters are as deadly serious about Trump as Cruz supporters are about Cruz. They feel that the country is going to hell and that Donald Trump is going to save it. They typically also like Cruz and he would typically be their second choice, but Trump has convinced them that he will build a wall and start deportations. The confidence level for Ted Cruz is not that high on this fundamental issue. It is not that Cruz is thought to be lying about his intentions. After all, he has been talking about the issue for years. It is simply that Trump is more believable and more earnest on this issue.

Trump Empathy

Trump is the one who has repeatedly mentioned the names of people who were killed by illegal immigrants. Jamiel and Kate are in virtually every speech. Jamel’s father has endorsed Trump because of it. In Costa Mesa Trump told the crowd that all the people represented on stage “did not die in vain.” Their lives are more than just a campaign tool in Trump’s hands. They are a large part of the motivation for the Trump presidential initiative. The women who were raped and the people who have been injured in car accidents by illegals are not lost on Mr. Trump. He brought up these issues in his presidential announcement speech on June 16, 2015. He has an empathy for the families that reeks of authenticity. This is the real “magic” that Trump has. He is perceived to be an American who seriously cares about the American people. It hurts him to hear of these stories of death, injury, job loss and other tragedies that have beset the American people. Why should this not be the case? He is a man who has lived 69 years. He has seen love and loss, life and death, victory and defeat. Why should he not have empathy for struggling Americans who are trying to preserve their country, its traditions, and make a satisfactory living?

The charges that Trump is some kind of phony who is lying to the people for his own selfish purposes simply does not ring true to his supporters. Nor can his voters be dismissed as some brain-dead, idol-worshiping TV-oholics. Every exit poll taken has a hierarchy of issues that Trump supporters valued. Illegal immigration is always among them. Wherever it is more of a problem it ranks at or near the top in terms of importance to voters. Attempts to dismiss Trump voters are simply not reasonable.

Sheriff Trump

Trump is a law-and-order guy. “If we don’t have borders we don’t have a country” is a refrain at every rally or speech. He always stresses that people must come into the country “legally”. He recognizes that people who can come and go at will and have no desire to assimilate into the country is disastrous to the country. There are fewer jobs for Americans and the wages are kept low in the fields where illegals dominate. Fixing this is part of his standard fare about bringing back jobs to the Hispanic and African-American communities.

Ann Coulter frequently reminds whoever will listen that we are importing the third-world into our country and they are going to act like they did in the third-world. Third-world countries are notorious for bribery and corruption in their politics, their militaries,  their police forces, and in their legal systems. Drug kingpins often hold sway because they are powerful economically and militarily. Their systems of education and healthcare are generally poor. Legality is the way to regulate the effects of people on our criminal justice system, our job market, our education system, our healthcare system, and our welfare system. It assures us that quality people are entering the country. The whole purpose of assimilation is the way to bring people in who will conform to our laws, our politics, our language, and our culture. Trump recognizes that all of these strain the U.S. systems which must deal with the consequences. But it is the actual crime – murders, robberies, rapes, assaults – that dominate his speeches on the topic of illegal immigration and has since day one.

Illegal immigration (read “protecting Americans”) has put Donald Trump on the map more than any other issue. For people feeling the negative effects of crime and chaos brought on by suffering through the crisis, a friendly sheriff who is sworn to protect the townspeople from the ravages of lawless men is a welcomed relief.

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