Links of Interest

Website Tools

Xitami Personal Web Server
ActivePerl for Windows
HTML Visual Quickstart Guide
PERL and CGI Visual Quickstart Guide

Language Tools

Free Hebrew Software
Free Greek Software
Hear Ancient Greek Read

Hoax and Virus Reference Pages

Snopes - Urban Legends
Housecall - Trend Micro's FREE online virus & spyware scanner
Searchable Website
Great Index of Virus Hoaxes
McAfee Virus Site
Avast Free Virus Program
AVG Free Virus Program

News Sources

The Drudge Report
Christian Portal
Focus on the Family



Biblical Studies

This is a list of sites I've collected over time. If you have a link of interest, I'd like to know about it.
Biblical Archaeology
New Scientist
New Advent (includes Catholic Encyclopedia)
KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Archaeology Magazine
Hittite Home Page
Duke University Special Collections Library
Duke Papyrus Collection
Biblical Studies Foundation
The Net Bible
Guide to Early Church Documents
The Internet Christian Library
Christian Theological Journals
Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms
Catholic Information Center
Early Church Documents: "Councils of the Church"
Hall of Church History: The Church Fathers
The Christian Theology Page
Society of Biblical Literature On-line Resources
The History of the English Bible

Restoration Movement

Restoration Movement Pages
CrossLink International
Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement Pages


Emmanuel Graduation Pictures
Golden Anniversary Pictures
Garrett's Baby Pictures 01
Garrett's Baby Pictures 02
Keara's Baby Pictures
Family Gallery 01 Pictures
Wedding Album Pictures
Family Gallery 02 Pictures
Family Gallery 03 Pictures
2006 Christmas Card
Anvil Shoot New 7/6/2007
July 4, 2007New
Canada Visit New

Computer Stuff

PC Necessities
PC Programs
Spam Tricks!
"Help! I'm infected!"
PC Tips & Tricks

Eye Tests

Astigmatic Mirror
Color Blindness Test
Optical Illusions - This will take your time!

Helpful Sites

Predators - The TBI's list of sexual preditors
Do Not Call - get your phones away from telemarketers
Kelly Blue Book - How much is that car worth?
State of Tennessee
The Old Farmer's Almanac

Shopping, Maps, Art


Google Maps

The Sistine Chapel - view photographs
The Smithsonian Institute


Cyndi's List
Immigrant Ship Transcriber's  Guild
The WorldGen Web Project
Family Search

Interesting Tests

Learning Styles1
Learning Styles2
Multiple Intelligences1
Multiple Intelligences2
Kiersey Temperament Sorter - a personality test
IQ Test
Test yourself for ADD at WebMD (you might be surprised!) Follow the link Are You Easily Distracted?
Dr. Amen's Tests for ADD.
More on ADD.

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