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February 17, 2018

Ted Cruz


Protests Vindicate Trump

Smashing a police car, climbing traffic lights, waving Mexican flags, and bloodying a Trump supporter. Protesters in California simply vindicated everything that Donald Trump and Ann Coulter have been saying about the illegal immigration problem. There was violence, lawlessness, and intimidation where these protesters went. Seventeen people were arrested from the crowd of about two-hundred.

Primary Problems

Millions more Americans than ever before are paying attention to the Republican primary this election cycle. Because of the scrutiny, flaws in the system are coming to light. Actually, they are only flaws according to voters not according to the party apparatus. To them, they are simply The System. Even though I have followed politics

GOP Rule 40 Confusion

So far there has been a lot of confusion as to how the GOP rules for the potential contested convention work. Listening to Sean Hannity last night it seemed pretty clear that he thinks that Rule 40(b) requires that a candidate get a majority of the votes in eight of the state primaries that are

Some Sober Reflections on Wisconsin

In spite of the victory for Ted Cruz nothing has happened that has derailed the Trump Train. The incline has been increased so it will take more effort to get to the top of the hill but it can still be ascended. Trump needs to win 56% of the remaining delegates, Cruz 82%, and Kasich

Time to Lose Cruz

Having started this election cycle pulling for Ted Cruz, it behooves me to say that it is now passed time to pull the plug on the Cruz campaign. This will sound like heresy to my conservative friends but the reasons are simple, practical, and compelling. The opportunity to break the power of the GOP status

Political Weaselry and Ted Cruz

Since his filibuster of 2012 I had been excited to think of Ted Cruz running for president. When he announced at Liberty University, I was watching and cheering. Fast forward a few months. As Ted Cruz gradually moved himself into a spot of national contention some of the luster has worn off for me. It